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A podcast with Carola Rackete


Wild species are disappearing at accelerating pace - unless all people learn to take care of the living planet. Similar to the struggle for climate justice the movement to protect the living world can't succeed by green-washing destruction nor by applying neo-colonial solutions that continue to oppress Indigenous people and local communities. The mini-series 'Just Nature?' provides an overview why justice in nature conservation is crucial and how to improve the movement from within. Each episodes consists of two interviews with scholars and activists who share their experience and practical advice for a better way forward.

Climate justice is on everyone's lips but what about justice in nature conservation and protection of the living world?

Please send any feedback or questions to
twitter @CaroRackete for free access to bestseller "the time to act is now"

Music & Postproduction: Louisa Beck 
Artwork: Céline Keller

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