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HERMETOPIA (work in progress)

A feminist series of intimate and surreal video portraits- on 3 women*’s desire for a child, self-empowerment and queer parenthood.

The stories unfold in three different time periods: before, during and after the pandemic. The body of the performer was added to a digitally created environment (3D-Animation)- a hermetosphere which contains a self-sufficient independent world. These jars which are used to cultivate plants symbolize protection for growth and development in a hermetic system. This references both the experience of isolation during the pandemic as well as the possibilities and future visions of reproductive technologies.

By Fanny Hagmeier & Leonie Kubigsteltig
Performance: Laura Hicks
Animation: Ryan Cherewaty
Sound Design: Louisa Beck
Styling: Barbara Klingler
Set Design: Rudy Hagmeier
PA: Pola Sell
Make-Up: Alyssa Lewandowski
Great Thanks to: Linus König & Landungsbrücken Frankfurt

Funded by Frankfurter Stiftung maecenia & Kulturstiftung Hessen 2021

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